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If you want an honest, no-nonsense explanation of your dental conditions, and the various treatment options, I can offer you my 25 years of experience and give to you my sincere recommendation for long lasting dental health. learn more


Smile, one appointment, inexpensive treatment to correct "Gummy Smiles".


Do your gums show too much when you smile? We can painlessly re-contour the gum tissue to expose more tooth and create and create an incredible improvement to your smile.


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Want a complimentary digitally enhanced photo of what your smile can look like?


We take a photograph of your smile and cosmetically enhance the photo and give you a before and after picture.


All porcelain crowns made by a local cosmetic lab specialist, not a "clinic" lab. Custom shading done in the office to assure front crowns match adjacent teeth.



The below cases areactual cases  we did in our office with conservative Lumineers

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Why Choose Us?


  • We work with homeopathic physicians in town to treat heavy metal toxicity.
  • We have not used amalgam (silver-mercury fillings) in over 10 years.
  • We have over 20 years of experience restoring implants.
  • All treatment performed with magnification.
  • We expect our treatment to be long lasting and guarantee it.
  • State of the Art sterilization and infection control.
  • Experienced in fabricating anti-snoring oral appliances.
  • Trained in conservative treatment of mild-moderate sleep apnea.

Patient Sensitivity

  • We Listen - your desires determine our goals.
  • We promote honest and dignified treatment planning and are respectful of patients and their time.
  • We guarantee all our work; if you are not happy we are not happy.
  • I serve my patients and I am available! The Doctor is a phone call away. My home phone is listed and my cell # is on the office message recorder.

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Finance Options

  • 24 month payment plan with 0 % interest.
  • We know the insurance game and maximize insurance payments for our patients.
  • We have multiple financing options, including no-interest payment plans.

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